Rules for knights...and everything for that matter.

  • I am trying to move a knight, but I am unable to. I have an open road, and I did not activate the night on my current turn. Why can’t I move the night? Is there a rule about knights being one road length away from each other? The rules do not say anything about this. Also, the rules don’t state that a metropolis is always safe from the barbarian, but it does say that in the “did you know?“ facts that display under the avatars as the game is booting up. I love Catan, but I am very frustrated by technological issues and inconsistencies, errors, and omissions in rules.

  • administrators

    @csmith1281 It would be great if you could send us a screenshot of the situation you are describing via My colleagues will take a look at it and they will be also able to tell you why you might not be able to move the knight.

    About the metropolis: Yes a metropolis can´t get destroyed by barbarians.

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