Cheating (recording) - what should I do in this situation?

  • @administrators How is this possible after so many updates?

    I made this recording after more then 1 hour of waiting. We entered the game and because the map was awful, having only one good spot (btw tipically in the last time), the yellow player simply stopped the effect of the timer. The red player, tired of waiting, left the game and was replaced in by an AI player (even though after re-entering the game twice it wasn't showing anymore).
    I re-entered the game so many times just to deblock the timer, but each time was happening the same as in the video bellow - NOTHING!

    I am still in the game, @administrators @Developers What should I do? If I quit, I loose ELO because of your genius idea of not giving the option to the other players to choose to kick the non playing player after 2 minutes of waiting.. (like in the old PlayCatan). Please respond!

  • @P3tra this game is more interesting than every Thriller. 😯😂

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • @Prinz-der-Sterne Can you believe I left the computer to do other things and she is still in the game... I wonder if the @administrators will do something with this player or like always, letting them „play” this way.

  • administrators

    @P3tra Thank you very much for making this video. Please be advised to remove the player names from your initial post. I´ll forward this video to our team for review porpuses. If action is needed we will act according to our terms of use.

    For possible future cases, please send info like that directly to our support team via and use the in-game options to report the players.

  • @Administrator Thank you! I edited the post and deleted the name.

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