• Could someone tell me how to unlock the wolf or Gaucho? I see that I can use gold to unlock the sheep in the store but I don’t see a way to unlock the others.


  • @TonyAlias As far as I know they where a special awards for participants at a Season. 🤔

    So, ATM there is no way to unlock them. ☹️
    Maybe they will implement it to the shop. 👀

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  • @Prinz-der-Sterne

    On one hand, this is upsetting. On the other, who doesn’t like acquiring rarities?! Hope to find a way to unlock one. Thanks for the reaponse.

  • You can get the wolf if you buy the game as the retail version

    I don't know about the dog though

  • You can't unlock the dog avatars by going to that site. They have only been available as participation or performance awards in the Season tournaments.

  • @LemuelB2 the wolf is purchasable as a goodie if you buy the retail version.
    In "the old days" you would go out to your local store and buy the game cd physically. this is where the wolf is included, aswell as the avatar bundle. honestly a nice pack. For only 15€.

    Are the seasons coming back?

  • I don't know if they will be doing any more Seasons. I hope they do, but the @administrators gere and on the Discord server haven't answered when asked when the next one will be.

    Most people get the Catan Universe app from the Google app store, Apple app store, or Steam. So for people who already bought the game through on of those sources it seems excessive to have to go to a different site and pay 15€ more just for one avatar. Hopefully CU will put it in the store or have another Season where it can be unlocked.

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