Kicked from game during the start phase

  • It just happen the second time, I was kicked after placing my settlement. Ive got a great internet connection and no kicktimer was displayed ? - please help

  • It happened to me as well today...

  • this happens to me every day , but today i haven't been able to complete a single game. I am being kicked out constantly. It doesn't have to do with your connection. It is one of the many problems of the game. Two years and still the game is unplayable! It is unbelievable!!Don't bother to send to support , they can;t help you, wait for the next update when they will solve this problem and create 5 new.Doing a quick search on this forum and in the steam reviews you will see how many angry customers have been complaining for tons of problems for the last two years, so in this game patience is the key ! lol

  • what is happening, i cannot load any game, i play seafearers usually. Does anyone know?

  • I've been kicked out multiple times over the last couple days. My app is fully updated and my internet connection is great. I've lost 82 ELO and I'm getting frustrated.

    What's the answer?

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