Not sure where to start, but this App is beyond useless at this point.

  • Defect 1: Not Actually Being Able to Start a Game

    I'm trying to find opponents since the update and it will find 3/3 players etc, then take me right back to Searching for opponents --, never actually starting a game and never finding another opponent. I've tried with both C&K and Base game, same thing. Ok, let me try starting Single Player, I try to start the game and all icons go away and I just see the wallpaper.

    So literally, the game I've paid for to play Catan, wont let me play Catan. I've uninstalled, reinstalled and signed in again, still the same experience. I have no idea how this passed QA and made it to production.

    Until this point I was willing to forgo the other faults of the app, because I was content picking up a game of Catan when I had time.

    Defect 2: Bugs

    Can't tell you how many times I've had to close the app, restart, and reconnect to the game to be able to place a road/settlement/city. This should never happen. I've even had this issue with initial settlement placement.

    I can understand QA missing this, as its intermittent and difficult to track down. A button in game to report a bug would be helpful for you to stack trace the issue, although I understand the implications of it pausing the turn timer or timeout timer. It might have to be something that submitting would reset your turn/timeout timer, and players that abused the submit function would be punished with Elo and Karma decrements.

    Enhancement 1: Chat

    You just expanded the number of members in a guild, yet guild chat is worthless. Furthermore, chat in general is worthless. If you're chatting in game, you're potentially running out the clock on your game without being able to see the board.

    On the main screen there should be 3 forms of chat buttons, All (yes ALL people chatting about Catan at that point in time), Guild (Guild chat) and DMs (individuals /w to you). Guild and DMs should have a badge stating how many messages are unread, All should NOT.

    Right now when I switch to Guild chat and try to message them, I'm told "Team doesn't exist" what team?! I'm trying to message the entire Guild. How can a Guild be a Guild if we can't communicate?

    In game you should have the ability to switch between chats, but it would ideal if chat was displayed as a side panel instead of covering the entire screen, so you could chat while still watching what was going on in game.

    Enhancement 2: Guilds

    Make Guilds matter, have competitions and reasons for Guilds to work together. Right now there really isn't any purpose for them.

    Enhancement 3: Turn Timer Display

    This should prominently be displayed, how much time you have left in your turn. Can't count how many times my turn has been ended while I was making a decision, where if I had an idea how much time I had left, I would have just made a decision or ended my turn. Additionally, the turn timer should increase as the game goes on, especially for expansions like Seafarers and C&K, early turns should be quick, while late stage games should be allowed additional time.

    Enhancement 4: Hidden Elo

    This should be exposed further, it is a factor in matchmaking and should be front and center. If I click done at the end of a game, I should still see Elo score (and everyones Elo score for that game). I have mixed feelings about how you removed Elo from the starting screen while a game is being loaded, but I understand it encourages people to gang up on the highest Elo score from the start. That being said, there's no reason not to display it at the end of a match.

    General Feedback

    You want people to continue to play your game and attract to existing and new players? These defects and enhancements are ranked in order of importance in my opinion. Defects 1 & 2 have to be fixed for the game to really even be viable. Enhancement 1 & 2 will increase return players for the game, Enhancement 3 will improve gameplay, and Enhancement 4 will encourage competition, thus increasing return play, it is a competitive game after all.

    You've cornered the market for Mobile Catan, so corner it!

  • @Zavenoa Hidden Elo during the game was a great improvement :+1: for me. Those Elo hunters :japanese_goblin: ganging up on 1 player :trollface: for Elo had made the game almost unplayable for me. I don´t mind loosing, but being purposely blocked and robbed and :gun: targeted from beginning to end was awful. If you cannot make a move :unamused: during the entire game so someone can grab more Elo is not my idea of fun.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen agreed, but there’s no reason to hide it once the game is over is there?

  • @Zavenoa When you go with the mouse offer the Diamond you can see ELO 😉

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • administrators

    @Zavenoa thank you very much for your feedback.

    let me address some mentioned points:

    Defect 1 and 2: Please contact our support team via regarding the mentioned issues. Best include screenshots of the situations you are describing. Our team will be able to either give you quick solutions for issues or hand the info over to our dev team.


    We decided deliberately against a global chat since we won´t be able to moderate it. Due to the saddening high number of reports we get about verbal abuse in-game we are very confident that we made the right choice.

    But we agree that the in-game chat system isn´t very refined yet. Therefore we will implement easy to use reactions to certain game situations later this year.

    The mentioned issues about Team does not exit sounds like a bug.


    We do have plans to improve the guild system and their abilities. Stay tuned for further info on that but please also feel free to share with us what you would like them to be. We are eager to hear what you guys want.

    Turn Timer:

    We enhanced the visual representation of the turn timer with 1.8.0 you can now see your turn timer on the button in the lower right corner (dice button) of your screen.


    As you can see from the reactions by the Catanians below your post ... We already changed it based on user feedback ;) For the interested player, detailed info about Elo is still available. So far we received great feedback about the new Prestige Rank system that allows the player to identify and evaluate more easily how strong their opponents. Numbers are great but not very emotional for most Catanians.

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