Need a place to report cyber bullying

  • I have a screen shot of someone using racial slurs. The other player continued to badger me through the game. Inappropriate and the player should be banned.

    Please check the discussion of Everyon3

  • @Dave123456789 you can use the ingame report: right click on the players Avatar. 😉

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  • @Dave123456789 - I have reported several players over the years for inappropriate comments, bullying and profanity. Nothing ever gets back to me.
    So now I simply block the player. You can do that with right-click on Avatar and choose BLOCK or after the game click on line with icons next to that player and pick BLOCK. Seems the easiest way to not meet them again. I wonder if they care enough to follow up and ban a player. Seems rather useless because they can just sign back up with a different account.
    sorry, but there are all kinds of people out there.

  • administrators

    @Fortuna Our teams take bullying and general breaches of our terms of use very seriously. We do our best to react as fast as possible and act accordingly. I can assure you many accounts have been banned for a certain time or completely. CATAN is a family game and we do our best to keep the game family-friendly. This also means that we will introduce changes to the abilities of free accounts in the future. We are certain that these changes will further enhance the overall experience of the game.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Administrator - Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate that you take action behind the scenes.

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