Is the server down?

  • Got kicked out of a game. It removes 10 elo and I can’t get back in. My connection is fine. I noticed a server status area that hasn’t been updated in 9 months. Have they really not gone down in 9 months?

  • It is back up I noticed. I relaunched the app, rebooted my phone, then reinstalled the app. Tried it with and without wifi. Installed Steam and tried it there. It worked there.

    After 3 hours I tried again and it worked. Not sure what the issue was but didn’t appear to be at my end.

    I’ll take 20 elo points for the pain and suffering.

  • Same thing again. Kicks me out and takes elo. I have no way of knowing I lost connection to server. Really sucks. Everything else works perfect in my phone so I can’t think the problem is at my end.

  • @PanzerDawg Lots of players have the same problem. For years.

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