For the next update, can the developers please solely focus on the disconnects/servers and bugs?

  • Hello @Developers @administrators ,

    I’ve been playing on Catan Universe now for several years. One of the biggest issues plaguing this game is all the disconnects that occur when playing in a game. This is frustrating for all players involved. No one wants to play with the AI and no one wants to be kicked out of their game.

    I’m sure you’ve received many many bug reports on this issue and you’ve promised fixes over and over for the updates. However, the disconnects keeps continuing. Nothing has changed from the first day Indiscovered this game.

    To me, it doesn’t make sense to keep adding content to the game when the base of the game isn’t even functioning correctly. I’m asking the team to stop adding additional content and focus on stabilizing the servers and fixing bugs for the next update.

    I’m sure you guys are on a quota to add certain features into the game, but for 1 update I beg that your prioritize the stability of the game.

    Thank you,

  • Some increased communication with the community would be great.

    Why haven’t these issues been fixed already? What are you guys even working on in the next update? Why don’t you try asking the community what they’d like to see in future updates? What’s preventing the the developers from fixing the bugs? Is there anyway the player base can help? Send more detailed bug reports?

    I desperately want this game to succeed and I hope you do too.

  • administrators

    @DylLighted Thank you very much for your detailed feedback and questions. We are currently working on version 1.8.1 that will address user feedback we got for version 1.8.0.

    1.8.1 will address server related issues as well as minimize the times you will see the "offline" or connection loss info in the game.
    We will also address the feedback we received from the community in regards to the new dice animation, issues with creating or deleting guilds as well as shop related issues.

    1.8.1 won´t add any new content but solely focus on fixing known issues

    In general: The user feedback we receive is great and helps us a lot in improving the game! Thank you all very much!

  • @Administrator Let's hope for these improvements, but the basic bugs sure are annoying..... today I cannot even get in a game, server issue. MY internet is fine.
    I tried all the suggested remedies. I should not have to jump thru all sorts of hoops to play a game.

  • @Administrator - Hello, Today all day I can log in and choose my game, but then I do not get the option to actually start the game player search. The screen just sits there..... MY internet is fine as always, my son plays other games on Steam and has no problems. I play on a laptop with Win 10, plenty of power, space and great internet for all but Catn Universe?????

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