Finished arrival on catan but random map is blocked

  • I finished arrival on catan, but when i tried to play on a random map, it tells me that i have to buy the basic game. But i was told that if i finish the arrival, it will be unlocked. help please!

  • Seems to be a old issue.
    I'm having the same problem.

  • Finishing "Arrival on Catan" doesn´t unlock random maps. It unlocks the singleplayer mode against 2 AIs and Custom Matches against your friends. Both on the scenario "The first island" (which is the most balanced setup).

    If you want to dive deeper into Catan please use scrolls to unlock the expansions fully for 24 hours or buy the once via Catan Gold. Expansions you bought via Catan Gold can be accessed limitlessly.

  • @Administrator the single player mode isn't unlocked for me. I skimmed the og post.

  • administrators

    @PorkChop808 Please lockout one time an back in again. We unlocked the rewards for your account manually. This should resolve the issues.

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