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  • Yellow is a terrible color for a player. It barely shows up at all. Please change to a darker color . Also can you have a few more boards that alternate on the basic game. It is a little boring playing the same board over and over again although it is a good board. Thanks!

  • Is that your only comment on the new online game?

  • I generally like it. Despite the lack of a tutorial I did figure it out eventually. I do wish their was a cancel button when initially setting up the board in case of error.

  • most reserved feedback ever....

  • Agree with both of bailey4's suggestions and also generally like it.

    Also like that the "trade menu" opens when someone offers a trade, requiring action from all players. Prevents having to wait for someone that misses or just ignores trades.

    Would like more trading options, as discussed elsewhere.

    The interface will take some getting used to, but so far it's less buggy than PlayCatan. Thanks!

  • @Road-Crew
    What are you talking about? PlayCatan is not as buggy as CU. Some people intentionally ignore trade offers and that's a valid strategy at some point. Having a trade window pop up and cover everything is just wrong.

  • @Stroom
    Notice that the 'Road Crew' account has been created today and read all the posts. Fake af.

  • @roadwolf123 I noticed it too but didn't want to call him out on that. Maybe he didn't want to register earlier or whatever.

    The media manipulation is real.

  • Not fake. I played for the first time yesterday for about an hour and a half, and just thought I'd share my two cents. Really wasn't trying to minimize anyone else's feedback if that's how it came across.

    The PlayCatan bugs I'm talking about are the game freezes, and lots of weird stuff that happens in the "join game room," when I often can't join or start a game (I realize we haven't seen that part of Catan Universe yet). Changing resolution or zoom in PlayCatan often causes the map or game room to disappear. Didn't notice those issues in the Universe.

    As far as ignoring trades, I probably should have also suggested the decline option, the "X" as well. Declining trades without a reason is definitely part of game strategy. But inaction is just annoying and wastes time.

    Anyway, just trying to help the developers with some feedback. I thinks it's a promising platform and would love to me able to play on mobile devices.

  • Never had a problem like you describe on . Never had a game freeze, have no problem joining a game, by changing resolution maybe you mean the old java client which is not needed for years now - not since they rewrote the site in HTML5. How much do they pay ?!

  • I get game freezes and LOTS of lag on playcatan. No idea about the java situation, but when zooming in and out of the game, the board often disappears. Same happens in the game room depending on whether or not you have the chat window open or menus at the top. Often the "join button" is active, but I can't click it. Same happens with the "open up" button. CU still has a long way to got, but haven't experienced any issues clicking something and it doesn't do what it's supposed to. That's what I mean by less buggy.

  • @Road-Crew
    I am not sure what you are talking about but it surely isn't
    You must be seriously trolling here and trolling is against code of conduct. I wonder why you haven't been ban yet. Oh, I know you troll in favor of CU.

  • @roadwolf123 said:

    Yeah, it's the same play catan. Don't know how I'm trolling, man. Sharing feedback, which I believe is the purpose of the forum.

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