No ELO/stats/results for certain players after the game?

  • After the update, you have to hover the mouse over a user to see the ELO and result - but for some players, you cannot see their level, elo, score in the current game or anything. Why is that? Example is the bottom one here - no prestige rank, no "X/5", and no numbers at all.. Is this something we can choose ourselves?

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    This is not an option - this player likely just has not yet played the 5 placement matches to be ranked, that's why there is no rank indicator for him available.

  • I don't think so, because for many it says "X/5 placement matches" - for the players I'm talking about, there's nothing at all. No placement matches, no ranking, no karma, no ELO visible on hover.

  • @administrators This is happening to my friend. Couldn't figure it out and found this question/sort of answer.

    Any reason for this? They have played about 15 games and still have no prestige rank, no "X/5", no elo, no numbers at all. Why is this? They have won several games and would likely be ranked relatively high.

  • @Administrator why do you subtract from ELO when a player never positions settlements after 10 to 15 minutes and you close game and restart and the same player is spinning and you can’t play. Then to exit and start another game you threaten to reduce ELO!!!

  • @sryan11 a they won’t respond. When you point out bugs in their software and their only answer is “we have a bug” they go silent.

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    @sryan11 your friend should reach out to us via We will gladly take a look at it. Just to be sure... did he/she played auto matches?

  • @Administrator Will do! And yes, almost all automatches.

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