Bank trade resulting in end turn

  • Several times recently, I attempted to trade resources to the bank. As a was about to hit the "accept" button in the lower right corner of my phone, I received a message that "one of your opponents has a connection issue", which took me back to the main screen. On the main screen, the "end turn" button appears in the lower right corner corner of my screen, so that's the button I actually hit. This resulted in me losing a bunch of cards the next time a 7 rolled, instead of building something useful with the resources I was going to trade for.

    Can someone please prevent the game from taking me back to the main screen if one of my opponents loses his/her connection on my turn, in the next update? Or at least make this an option? I hate losing games because of this.

  • I've said many times that having buttons with different functions be in the same location is bad design practice. Stuff like this will keep happening, especially on mobile.

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