RNG still Broken

  • RNG still Broken !!! Outcome = No skill & No joy

    I love this game but RNG is still seriously Broken!!!! Consistently getting games where a single number, even a 5, 6, 8 or 9 will not come up, games where the frequency is only 1 or 2 in a whole game! This has been common in my experience. Good or bad luck is a great element but extreme statistical outcomes remove the skill and joy from the game. RNG is BROKEN!

  • Extreme statistical outcomes can and will happen. Unless the developers release the full source code, we can't be sure but at the moment, it seems like the RNG is actually OK.

    60-70 rolls per game is not enough to provide you with a normal distribution. If you don't like it, play some other board games. There are hundreds out there now, more fun than Catan. Try boardgamearena.com - lots of different games there.

  • @Stroom Hey mate I saw some of your past posts, yes 60-70 rolls won't be enough to see an even distribution but not regular extremes. If what I have experienced in a few 100 hours is not the norm then they wont miss one player.

    C ya

  • @Ned-Kelly

    Hi Ned,

    Here is my explanation to the rigged RNG system.

    As you can see Stroom posted on that too.

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