Black background on screen

  • I can see the perimeter icons but can not see the playing board. The background is all black. I can even talk to other players and choose which game to play, but can not see playing board. I am playing through my browser and have been for 6 months. I cant play through steam because it says "Timeout" in red when I load it. Could someone please help me.

  • Hey, happens to me also.. same thing.

  • I opened with internet explorer on the computer and it works!

  • mine is doing the same thing, and will also not work in internet explorer.

  • administrators


    Could you please check if it works when you load CU in a private browser window? If yes, then maybe some data wasn't cached right. In this case, you'll need to delete your browser cache via the browser options. As this will affect all cached browser data, please check via the private mode beforehand if this is the cause of the issue.

  • @Administrator I tried in incognito mode and it still did not show the background or my avatar.

  • Mine does the same thing in Google Chrome. I haven't found a fix yet. Has anybody found a fix for this bug? Thanks

  • @danimaldog

    still no answer or solution, other than me playing in Steam..which is not my favorite.

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