No experience adder after end of game?

  • After a single player game end I don,t get any experience added.
    Are there stops in raising experience?
    I maar at 1.8 and logged in and out several times trying to fix it.

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    @DualBoot If you reached lvl 20 you won´t get more experience since it is currently the highest level.

  • Thanks for the swift reply.
    I am
    level 6 and for Some games now I don,t get experience added.

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    @DualBoot Are you properly connected to our servers? Please try to log out and back in again to establish a new connection to our servers. XP only can get distributed when you are connected to our servers.

  • I tried that already But I am not certain if I can check somewhere that it does a valid Connection. After login I see my account info. There is mo lost connection or offline Message.

  • It still gives class 1 experience 0 after finishing a seafahrer game. Also this game is not added to the won games in the extra goals.
    However the account info shows status on
    level 6 experience 25.

    In the Mean while i won 5 games of different expansions but no progress.

  • Can you confirm any connection sessions under my account in the last 36 Hours. I can see my details under my Sons account too in multiplayer but still no progress is added when winning rivals, basic game.
    Is there a bug since 1.8?

  • I've been having the same issue since 1.8.0 was released. Won many games and no XP gained. Currently level 9.

  • Same here, I get no experience for won games nor for Achievements (I'm Lvl 3).

    I missed out on so many points, I completed a few games and got 4 Achievements without getting any experience :/ (doesn't matter if I play on Steam or mobile)

    (I even got the points on mobile on the google play app and leveled up there, but didn't get them in catan universe)

  • administrators

    Our dev team is on it. There is an issue with XP rewards on the live servers that we can reproduce and will fix asap.

  • Great to hear you found something regarding this issue.
    Could you give Some ETA? Is it a matter of weeks?

  • administrators


    Our current plan is to test the update internally next week. We can then let you know when the public release can be scheduled.

  • Are there any plans to allow people who have been playing to receive the lost exp. points?

  • @Administrator Just curious how the fix is going. Is there an update?

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    @speedynorse Just to be clear. if players reached level 20 they won´t get any additional XP after a game. Despite that: We are currently working on version 1.8.1 which should address some issues that occur in version 1.8.1

  • Do we get XP and levels for playing Single Player while logged in to server?

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