Login not working, even after passwort reset...

  • I have been trying to get my account and my wifes up and running since the update. Recently updated, and reinstalled, tired of trying to get this to work as this has been over 3 months of the same issue. Emailed support to no avail.

    Basic problem:

    Login = User doesn't exist. Tried reset password, get code, reset, confirmed it works online here and it then claims account doesn't exist.

    Reset cache and deleted app data, still doesn't work.

    Only way to make it work seems to be to make a new user name with a new email. But not we've lost the ability to used purchased content. So frustrating!

  • Same thing happening to me ...

  • I am having the same problem...

  • Same thing happened to me, but I got it to work after logging out of my account, however, the game is unbearably slow now.

  • Same problem here

  • I updated my app and it is now working. For some reason didn’t auto-update

  • I've had the same problem. Not sure how to fix it.

  • I'm having the same problem.

  • same here!

  • We are currently investigating the issue and working on a solution. Thank you all very much for your feedback.

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