FEEDBACK new update [it killed the speed of the game on steam]

    First of all, we came back at where we left from with the introducing of the useless ANIMATIONS! The game was beginning to move well, normal speed, but now we've gone back, having to wait each turn for a horrible dice animation + a very slow division of the cards (which wasn't before). Then, again the moving of the cards was slowed down 10 times... with every building, trading, giving of the cards... why? The gameplay on steam was good regarding the speed, others were the problems now... PLEASE give us back the game without the dice animations and the slow moving cards!

    We still can't see the timer of the other players. Not that it would be smt important for the game (maybe to see the cheaters better), but just as a feedback.

    In the new introduced dice statistic, you can't see the number of the rolls for the most rolled numbers, because all is white (screenshot below)

    @administrators @Developers
    Anyway, the most important is the speed, without it, it becomes a horror game!:cry:

  • Totally agree!tragic waste of time , I don’t think those who design the game play the actual game .and I thought the game wouldn’t get any worse . They will probably delete my answer like they usually do when they don’t like what I’m saying .

  • @P3tra true, yeah, espacally the dice state was pretty weird. 😂😂

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  • Adding (on steam):

    • Always when using the cards the game is moving jerky - abrupt stops and starts.

    • The dice animation is doubled.

    • The animation for robbing is doubled as well.

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