Server doesn't work

  • It's say to me cannot reach server or you are offline

  • @chay123 That happens a lot, to most players . Admin promised it will finally get fixed with next update. Until then, you can logout and login again, or try at another time. The reliability of the server varies.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I believe it when I see it.... this has been a permanent problem....

  • @chay123 - I search for a file called %AppData%, then back off one level in directory to LocalLow. Delete Folder United Soft Media VErlag....
    This does not delete Catan. When you restart the game, you have to fully log in a again>
    This fix works for me when I cannot get online to their server at all. But it is only a temporary fix since this server here is the issue, not our internet.

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