Not letting me makes moves

  • I was playing Knights and Barbarians and for whatever reason The game says i am making all sorts of moves simaltaneously and wont let me make moves that i want to make. For instance under my icon in the top of the screen it says i was trading with the bank, building a knight, and playing a card and would not let me just simply use commodities to develop my city. Let to my demise and im very frustrated why that happened because it seemed like a glitch.

  • administrators

    @mastersettler69 it would be great if you could send a screenshot of the situation over to my colleagues from support via Is it possible you have to turn a city into a village after the barbarians attacked? A screenshot will help my colleagues to find out if that's the case more easily.

  • @mastersettler69 It happened to me a few times when I was replaced by AI.

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