City destroyed despite being protected

  • Playing Catan Universe Cities & Knights Treasure Islands scenario on an Android tablet in single player mode with three AI opponents. Early in the game, barbarian strength = 6 and active knights = 4. I have one city and one active knight, as does one of the AI players. Two AI players each have two cities but only one knight apiece.

    When the Barbarian Invasion comes, two of the AI players each lose one city, as I would expect. But in addition, my City was destroyed despite the fact that I had an active Knight at the time of the invasion. This seems to happen only on the first invasion in any game. And it doesn't happen 100% of the time. Of course, whenever I am careful to take screenshots, my city doesn't get destroyed.

    What am I missing about the algorithm of Barbarian invasions that would cause destruction of three cities instead of two in this example?

  • @FireOpal
    All of you have one active knight. So everyone loose a city.
    Your misunderstanding is, that you are not defending your cities. All knights defend all cities and when there are too few knights, everyone, who send the fewest knights, will loose a city. That is the rule.
    So the algorithm is correct.



  • @FireOpal Honie is right. But there is 1 exception: metropolis is immun to attacs.

  • Thank you for explaining.

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