Filters (Question for Admins)

  • @administrators @Administrator Can you honestly tell me the point of the filters on the game selection. I have on multiple occasions got players with 1 star Karma, when I have the filter clicked. Honestly....if you aren't going to let the filters work then why have them? That is an honest question. Why have them? If you're going to override them for the sake of making a quick game (which has been your response to anything recently)....then just take them off. We select them for a reason and if I have to wait longer for a be it. I would much rather have a game where most of the players are 4-5 star so I know they have a less likely chance of finishing and we have to finish with your terrible A.I player.

  • @Yeloow82 It is possible that you made the same mistake as I did at first. The filters work kind of counter-intuitive. When I thought they were on, they were actually off, and vice versa.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen well I have tried it both ways and get about the same results. Got one stars both ways and more consistently with the orange box not showing. I am assuming that the filters start in the off position so clicking them (turning the box orange) would activate them. I play without friends, so it also seems to me if the box is not orange, the filter is off.

  • @Yeloow82 ok, than the problem must be caused by something else. Maybe it has to do with the fact that so many players get kicked by the server and loose Karma recently, that it´s hard for the matchmaker to find a 5 star Karma player? I lost 2 stars to this problem last week, and I never quit.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen The filter is supposed to work where you get +1 or -1. Nobody probably has a perfect 5 on the backend, so let's say it's 4.8 which rounds up to 5 stars for visual purposes. The lowest I should get is a 3.8. That's the way it states on the filter description. Either way, no way I should be getting a 1 or 2. I get I'm not going to play 5 every time, but the point of the filter is to rule out the 1's and 2's. If I want a computer game, I'll play single player because we all know that's what is going to happen when they get in the game. Also it's a filter it's not a game preference. If you have a filter on the site....have it work regardless of the time it takes to get a game. That's the purpose of having them. If you are just going to overwrite the filter sections for purposes of having the game created faster, then just remove them. @administrators @Administrator @Developers can you comment here?

  • @Yeloow82 good argument :+1:

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