whatsup with the AI?

  • i know they're not perfect but these guys always place the robber on the 2nd place and takes from them.. like i could of won so many games if these idiots just placed it on 1st place and took from then instead.

  • Join the crowd man. This has been a topic for MONTHS!!! Wait till you try to trade with it. The only explanation we have gotten is that the AI decides who it competes with. If it compete with someone not in first, that's who it robs and then doesn't trade with at all despite someone else in the lead. It needs a lot of work, we have communicated this to @administrators @Administrator to not avail.

  • @Yeloow82 I have seen this too. It's nonsense. There is no logical algorithm.

  • Hello,

    here is my explanation of these weird behaviors. We've all seen it way too often.
    I have tried to summarize it in this article:

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