General feedback

  • I don't know if i hate this new version just because it's new and i'm not used to it or because it's actually crappy.

    1. It takes too long to load. from the moment i write the URL address and the moment i'm actually able to start a game, too much time passes.
    2. You can't force a player to quit the game if he/she is stalling.
    3. You don't have the option to abort the game without score, if something happens.
    4. You can't submit a bug report during a game (might be helpful to you).
    5. You can't make a counter offer during a trade.
    6. I wanted to start a Base Game, but somehow i ended up playing a Seafarers.
    7. The chat should have a notification like those on apps on smartphones, so you know when someone writes something.
    8. A guide for new players. There are new features and no way to knowing what they do or how to do things.
    9. Friendly robber?
    10. Ignore list?

    That's all for now.

  • this game is unplayable.

  • the game is still unplayable

  • June, still unplayable. Very disheartened to see people have been pointing out the serious (OBVIOUS) problems for five months and it's still unplayable.

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