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  • I play Catan Universe on steam. My wifi is strong and secure and I can't find any reason why I am being kicked from games that I am actively playing. I'm not taking too long during my turn, In fact I am a fast player. This has been happening more and more frequently, almost 1 in 3 games. I have updated steam, updated the game, restarted my entire computer. Is this an ongoing issue that anyone else is having trouble with? Thanks

  • @Carissa99 I read the forum frequently: This is the problem most people have been complaining :angry: :rage: :weary: :rage: :cry: about, and for a very, :snail: very :snail: long :snail: time :exclamation:
    I don´t know any players who have not been suffering :scream_cat: from this :alarm_clock: :boom: kicktimer-snafu :shit: . But admin@ promised they are working very hard to fix :wrench: this . So let´s hope for the best. :pray:

  • Yes...this happens to me constantly and I am on an ethernet connection. Is there a fix. Someone message me.

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    @gottjaeger Are you on the latest version 1.8.0?

  • It does happen on android 1.8.0

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    @rsd Hi! If you're still experiencing connection issues, kindly contact our technical support at and share with them your specific device information. In the meantime it would be great if you could try to deinstall and reinstall the while also logging out and logging back in once.
    If that doesn't work, the support will likely be able to further assist you!

  • Seriously this app must run on the slowest system. The game freezes way to many times and In the middle of matches is so annoying. Please update soon too fix major bugs.

  • Wouldn’t let me make my own post but do any of you know if I purchase “catan the game” expansion on mobile if I log into the steam version will I still have access to it there?

  • @Carissa99 I have been kicked out 3 times this evening and I keep losing Elo points and now I’m also losing my karma points. This is beyond frustrating.

  • Same here. It keeps kicking me out. It is very annoying!

  • @Administrator I don´t get kicked as much as I used to, thanks to the "reconnect" button. I have to press it a lot, but most of the times it works, and is much faster. But many other players still get kicked, often right at the start. That still needs improvement.

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    Thanks, that's good to hear, but the team will continue to work on this. We're currently gathering new data on the connection topics and have identified two points where the dev team is already working on that will hopefully further improve the situation.

  • I have been kicked 3 times just this morning and that was AFTER I deleted the app and re-loaded it. I don’t even get an “offline” message most times - there’s just no activity (after several quick turns) and when I refresh, I find out I’ve been kicked. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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