Multi mode doesn't work (1 on 2 computer)

  • Hi everybody!

    For some days a friends has some problems about is connexion with Catan, He can send a message to invite somebody to get his friends (We did it with two accounts: he tried with à new one).

    The problem is, he can't play with other people except AI and when I tried to launch a game with me, the server sent an error like "the lobby can't ..."

    I tried to invite him but the game sent a message about my friend is currently playing.

    Somebody could hep us about this problem (I've no problems on my computer and he tried some times to delete and download the game again).

    Thank you all!

  • administrators

    @vangoeth it would be great if you could send an email to our support team via regarding this issue. Best include some screenshots of the situation. My colleagues will do their best to help you guys resolve it.

  • Thank you for your answer! I'll send him some pictures about the problem.

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