Issue with the server?

  • Is there something wrong with the server? I have gotten kicked from 75% of the games I've tried playing over the past few days. I'm down to one karma star. I keep getting the message that it cannot reach the server. When I try to refresh and rejoin it says the game has been canceled. My internet is working perfectly fine.

  • @evie15 Almost everyone is experiencing these problems. And it got worse since the last update. Even if I don´t get kicked myself, at least one of my fellow players is. administrator promised that dev is working hard on it.

  • Thank you! I was wondering if there was something wrong with my phone. The whole experience has just been frustrating!

  • They always say that they are working hard on it. In reality, they released Catan on Switch. So I don't really think they care about the connection issues if they can push more broken products out and you still pay for them. There is nothing beneficial in fixing the connection issues in their point of view. Although that would create more loyal customers...

  • How could this happen? Can't you guys roll back and update?

  • It is still down, I am trying to register an account and it will not allow me to log in

  • Catan Support. I wish you would support your product and fix the server issues!

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