Can we please kick off players due to inactivity?

  • This is so silly... I am currently winning a game with (purportedly) a 90 second time limit. But one of my opponents is for what appears to be forever, although they are online...but I get bad Karma if I Quit the game? How is this happening in 2019? Please make this stop.

  • We asked this feature here and it wasn't made.
    We asked this feature in katanio and they made it: [edit by @administrators]

    • Server kicks afk players after 2 turns

  • administrators

    @art2018 If a player doesn't make a move for 3 turns in Catan Universe he/she will automatically be replaced by an Ai. This feature is in place since 2017. Please do not share links to unlicensed software in these forums.

  • This post is deleted!

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