Mac - Black Screen - Failure to Load

  • Hi all,

    I have Catan Universe on my mac and I open it up through Steam. After I open it, all I see is a black screen with the mouse pointer icon, I can hear Catan Universe music, but all I see is the black screen and mouse pointer icon. I got to play this game several times on this mac, but it is currently showing those symptoms. Has anyone experienced this before? Note: I have installed the app multiple times, and there were no changes.

    Is there any way I can find the logs pertaining to Catan Universe so that it can help in diagnosing this issue? Thanks!

    I have a mac 15" on macOS Mojave (Version 10.14.2)
    Specs: 2.6GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory: 16GB 2400 MHz DDR4
    Graphics: Radeon Pro 560x 4096MB | Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB

  • administrators

    @jlhuynh3 thank you for reaching out to us. I suggest you copy this post into an email and send it to our support team via My colleagues will do their best to get everything going again.

  • I have sent an email to them with info from this post. Thanks!

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