Hire a Competent Programmer or Bring Back PlayCatan

  • Dear Catan Universe owners/admins.

    I represent the sizeable chunk of the playerbase who absolutely refuse to download apps and such and just want to play on our browsers. I play Catan in intermittent bursts and haven't played in a long time, but when I tried to play again, I came across this disaster of a project. The current site is extremely disatisfactory.

    I find that the current browser version stupidly laggy and crashes too often. I don't care much about graphics beyond basic playability. If I wanted to play a game with amazing graphics, I would be playing a game with amazing graphics (that is to say, not Catan). Either hire a competent programmer to make the 3D thing work properly, or just bring back PlatCatan. Even if the current game doesn't lag, it's still stupid - I need to scroll down to click buildings/cards, then scroll back up to place them. Waste of god damned time.

    After a few games, I gave up. I've found an alternative and I'm quite happy with it. I doubt you'll bring back PlayCatan, so I hope this thing goes out of business and you all lose your jobs. Bye.

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