Seafarers: Circle in bottom right keeps going round and round indefinitely, when there is no way for the computer players to win

  • Has anyone else discovered that the game just stops and the circle in the bottom right keeps going around and around, when:

    • the development cards have run out and
    • when you have also blocked the computer players from expanding ... therefore there is no way for them to win.

    The game does not actually crash or freeze. One can still click on the relevant icons to quit the game - therefore the game has not frozen.

    When I say "computer players" I mean the AI players that the game comes with. I am playing a game with the game itself, and not with any other human players.

    When I say "circle in the bottom right" I mean that circle which changes into a dice icon for you to click to roll the dice when it is your turn.

    What I sometimes do when I play games is to build roads and ships so that the other computer players cannot expand. In this way, I can take my time to build into the other parts of the map, without having to worry about the computer players. This seems to go fine, until the development cards have all run out. Then I experience this thing where the game does not continue, but instead the circle in the bottom right keeps going around and around.

    I would be interested to hear if anyone else experiences this issue.

    Cheers from Sydney Australia

    PS. I can post a screenshot of the game when this happens if that helps

  • @DavePocock I'm getting this same problem. I'm towards the end of a game and the computer just won't finish his turn. It's a little frustrating.

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