Ever since the update

  • Ever since the New Scenario update I can no longer play multiplayer. This is obv terrible and am wondering if a fix is coming.

    also in single player mode, some of the cards do not work. I can never Master Merchant anyone no matter what the points.

    Admin- is anything being done here?

  • administrators

    @detroitjunkie have you already tried to log out and back in again. Tap/Click on your Avatar and choose the option to log out. After that log back in again. This will establish a new connection to our servers.

    If you are still not able to play online, please contact us via support@catanuniverse.com. It would also be great if you could send us a screenshot to this email address of a situation in which the Master Merchant wasn´t working for you

  • tried relogging in, did not help

    tried reinstalling, did not help

    card use is intermittent; today i could not wedding a computer with more points than me, somedays they work somedays they do not

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