getting kicked out A LOT

  • Hello,
    I've been noticing the servers are horrible lately. I've been kicked out of many many games (basic and seafarer) without any warning or kicktimer. Suddently the match just freezes and players have to let me know through the chat that AI replaced me.
    It's very frustrating since I've been playing for a long time, spent money and haven't seen any improvements.
    Thank you.

  • I too have this issue all too often..... seems every time I play, I am lucky to play until the end. Seems through chat this is only happening to the “western” players. Can someone even acknowledge that someone other than these players are listening?

  • It seems we are not being heard here.... send a message to support@catanuniverse

  • Yeah, it's kind of sad that the admin does not answer to every topic in the official game forum. It's not like we get thousands of messages. Only about 5-10 per day. Taking half an hour to answer should be enough. Where is the community manager?

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