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  • I was excited when the two big scenarios (Enchanted Land and The Great Canal) were made available on Catan Universe. My excitement was soon replaced by disappointment when I realised that I had to pay for them -- since I had purchased them in the old Catan App. As a reminder, when the transition to Catan Universe happened all the purchased scenarios from the old Catan were transferred to Catan Universe. So the question is, "Why the inconsistency with Enchanted Land and The Great Canal?" Shouldn't they be "free" for people that have purchased them in the past? Thank you.

  • administrators

    @Katanikos Thak you very much for your question. The transfer of purchases from Catan Classic to Catan Universe is limited to the Basegame/ Seafarers and Cities and Knights.
    We are aware that some users might also have bought the special scenarios in Catan Classic but please keep in mind that we development Catan Universe in a 3D engine from the ground up. This means - for example - new graphics assets had to be created for special scenarios. As much as we love to share the Catan experience with everyone we have to cover our costs to be able to provide services like the online mode and so on.

    We hope you understand.

  • @Administrator Thank you for your message. I guess I understand.

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