Mammoth Question (Catan - Game of Thrones: 5-6 Player Extension)

  • Team,

    According to the rules, Mammoths never jump the wall, and just stay in the clearing after a breach.

    So after a breach is resolved, there will instantly be more wildlings (mammoths are considered wildings) than guards in some instances.


    1 guard on the wall.
    1 normal wildling in the clearing.

    Then a mammoth enters the clearing.

    The guard dies, the normal wildling jumps the wall (opposite direction), and the mammoth stays in the clearing.

    Now you have a mammoth (wildling in a clearing) with no guard. Should there be a rule that mammoths do not cause breaches by themselves?

    Do you just ignore this breach (assume no guards are built there) until a normal/giant wildling enters the clearing, then it is another breach?

    What if a second mammoth enters the clearing?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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