Game Results Statistics

  • I'm sure I'll be embarrassed at how I obviously this answer is once someone tells me. I have been playing Catan Universe on Android for a few months, all single player games and mostly Cities and Knights so far, though I finally feel like I'm comfortable with the interface and I'm ready for the multiplayer option.

    When a game ends, there is a screen of statistics that shows the players ranked in order. The various columns show their longest road, the size of their active army, etc.

    My question: what does the last column on that screen tell me? The icon is a rectangle with some shading in parts of the shape. I can't find any place in help files or on discussion boards where that screen is annotated to show what the columns represent. Thanks in advance to anyone who can satisfy my curiosity on this.

  • I believe it is the number of victory point development cards.

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