Big problems with new modes

  • #1 Dragon points/canal victory points are not counted by cards such as Wedding , Master Merc etc. So you can't rob a player who has less normal points than you but is still winning the game with total victory points.

    #2 If you win game by killing 6 dragons but are not ahead in victory points you are not actually given a win with your ELO. I won a game with 6 dragons but actually LOST ELO.

    #3 In the Enchanted Islands if your knight is surrounded by other settlements on the edge you cannot move onto the island and you cannot even move back to your own island.

  • administrators

    @JonJett Thank you very much for the feedback. We will look into it

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    • undefinedHallo ständig flieg ich ohne Grund mal mit mal

    • ohne Kicktimer aus den beiden neuen Szeanrien und verliere immer wieder 10 Elo Punkte.So macht das Spiel keinen Spaß.Schließlich habe ich dafür bezahlt und möchte das es ganz normal funktioniert.Die anderen Spielarten funktionieren alle und an meiner Internetverbindung liegt es definitiv nicht.:cry:

  • See answer from technical support here/ Antwort vom support here:öglich-in-vl/2

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