Tired of wasting ELO

  • Hi everyone!
    I'm tired of wasting ELO in disconnections. Most of the times it allows you to reconnect, but it happened already many times that I'm in the middle of the game and completely out of the blue it says "you are offline" but without countdown, no chance to join in again.
    I have an ELO of 1150 and I think I wasted 150 points of ELO already. I'm a really good player and would like to be on the top list, but it's very frustrating when I can't seem to keep moving forward with it.

    Is there a way I can talk to someone "in charge" to get some points of ELO back?
    Anything alse you'd recommend?
    Thanks in advance.

  • It's extremely unlikely that you will get your ELO back.

    You won't get any better recommendations than "Don't lose your connection" unfortunately.

  • E’s answer is not a good one, just happened to me, usually when you disconnect you can come back, now the “you are off-line” was for a second, no count down that I could see, when I tried to go back I was kicked out of the game, and -11 ELO, no early warning that I am off line, this is a bug, happens all the time, that is why ELO is ridiculous and frustrating, takes away all the pleasure of the game, TAkE it off!! Or hide it in a way that one would have to look for it independently of the game to find it. It creates unnecessary stress, seriously. I enjoyed Catan much more without it. I want my money back, what I payed is the only reason I don’t delete the app after I have gone down 50 points from ELO calculations and kicks off...

  • I had a game that ended during startup saying something like "one of the players has a bad network connection" and "try again". I lost 10 ELO for a game that didn't even start.

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