synchronize steam and google play games achivements

  • hello,

    is there a way to bring achievements earned in steam version and represented in player's profile to google play games? thanks.

  • administrators

    @tyoma54 They should trigger when logging in with your account (the same you use on steam).

  • unfortunately achievements aren't synchronized, i have to obtain them once again on android version of CU after earning them in steam.
    some of them became easier to earned, e.g. squire, because profile already contains required value of wins, so just one win in CaK brings achievement to google play games, but same time it's not possible to obtain "strong together" or "twosome" once again.
    is there a way to make achievements available in google play games manually, e.g. by tapping earned achievement in CU profile?

  • @Administrator
    i finally got it, how to synchronize
    in google play games "automatically log on to supported games" option should be enabled and after app restart achievements will be bound with google play games account.
    thank you.

  • administrators

    @tyoma54 great! Enjoy your achievements :)

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