STILL can't accept trade, or second offers... 9/10 times.

  • I want so badly to love this game. I've purchased the expansions... hoping there was some kind of boost there... but the AI just stinks. I cannot figure why it acts as though I deny'd the trade. Over and over. Its as if the coding thinks I've hit deny... I have tried the hint to change up the trade, and also closed out and re-opened the game... trying to find something that will allow me to play, but alas, nothing.

  • @charliesphon The trading choices of the AI are totally flawed, and it mostly rejects you, if you accept the offer the AI :alien: made. Therefore, I turn off the trade menu :no_entry_sign: whenever it is the AI´s turn. It is just not worth the trouble. And I never play single player, it ain´t fun.

  • I’ve been experiencing a similar issue on my iPad mini.

    I’m playing the base game, first island with two AI opponents. Either AI can offer a trade to me, I accept and it appears the programming thinks I denied it.

    They counter offer with a different resource which a also accept, but again the programming thinks I deny it.

    The AI offers to trade 3 resources for 1 and I accept this as well, but the trade falls through.

    Any idea what is going on?

  • It's not that the program thinks you denied the trade, it's that the AI (I call them bots because there's no intelligence in how they play) decided it didn't want to trade with YOU. If the other bot accepted the trade it would probably trade with them. There are also times when the bots seem to make private trades with each other because I see cards passing between them, but I never received any trade offer.

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    That is correct: There are in-game situations where the AI will not want to trade with you, e.g. when you are in the lead by a larger margin or if you are competing for a building spot with the AI. In this case the AI will send the offer to all players, but won't accept a trade with you, even if you agreed to it.

    This is basically the same that would happen when playing the board game. A player makes an offer, other players respond, but the active player decides it would not be a good idea to trade with someone that he is currently either competing with for a building spot or who is already in the lead.

    Bots will make trades between themselves if you don't have any resources to trade currently.

  • Ah, thank you so much for the replies!

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