STILL can't accept trade, or second offers... 9/10 times.

  • I want so badly to love this game. I've purchased the expansions... hoping there was some kind of boost there... but the AI just stinks. I cannot figure why it acts as though I deny'd the trade. Over and over. Its as if the coding thinks I've hit deny... I have tried the hint to change up the trade, and also closed out and re-opened the game... trying to find something that will allow me to play, but alas, nothing.

  • @charliesphon The trading choices of the AI are totally flawed, and it mostly rejects you, if you accept the offer the AI :alien: made. Therefore, I turn off the trade menu :no_entry_sign: whenever it is the AI´s turn. It is just not worth the trouble. And I never play single player, it ain´t fun.

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