Activated Knight But Still Lost City?

  • Can someone help me understand what scenario or rule allows you lose a city even if you have an active knight? This seems to happen to me randomly during the online game (not with there people) and I'm baffled.

  • According to the rules, the sum of all knights has to be equal or more than the amount of all cities and Metros on the board. If it is less, then all players with cities (and not only metros), who have the fewest activated knights, will loose a city.
    Player 1: no City, no Knights
    Player 2: one City with Metro, no knights
    Player 3: one City, one Knight

    Barbarian: 2
    Knights: 1

    Player 3 will loose a City.

    Another example:
    Player 1: 3 cities, 2 knights
    Player 2: 1 City, 1 knight
    Player 3: 1 City, 1 Knight

    Barbarian: 5
    Knights: 4
    Player 2 and 3 will both loose a City.

    *the number for the knights means the strength values of the knights....



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