Game freezes on another player's turn and game cannot continue

  • Hi, so for several weeks now, at least 2-3 times a day I will be playing a game and suddenly my screen will tell me it is another player's turn and they do not play for up to 10 minutes. I have found that sometimes the opposite has occurred on their screen and it says that it is my turn and that I am not playing. Occasionally, if I turn my wifi off, reload the app, and then turn my wifi back on to re-enter the game I had been playing, it will fix itself. Other times I have to leave the game because it is not working. I play on an IPad and love to play other than this glitch.

    Also, I was wondering, I know I have a turn timer that will take my turn for me if I accidentally run out of time, and even kick me out if it happens multiple times, but it is almost like it doesn't do that for my opponents? There are times when I am sitting there forever with nobody playing and it doesn't take their turn. Now it may be that those incidents are related to ones I spoke about originally and just look like they aren't taking a turn on my screen because it froze, but then I would expect my turn timer to go off and eventually play for me automatically, even if I don't see it.

    I know this is confusing, but I mainly wanted to ask about the glitch with the freezing on one person's turn and how it affects me occasionally having to abandon games and start over. I know I am not the only one who has experienced it because others have said it is frozen on my turn on their screen while my screen is frozen on their turn with the loading signal flashing in the bottom right that is their color.


  • @Rsoeder It has been a quite common bug, :bug: many others have experienced it, too. Sometimes refreshing helps, but it is not always clear who is stuck. So refreshing in turns until the right player has refreshed is your best remedy.

  • I agree this is super frustrating and it seems to occur at the start of a player’s turn, before they have rolled. It seems like a glitch or loophole in the game that the kicktimers do not begin until after the player has rolled... so if the player doesn’t roll (or leaves the game before rolling) or is unable to roll (it shows as a different player’s then on their end) then everyone waits for a long time or eventually gives up and leaves. Refreshing or exiting the game and app all together and re-entering does not always fix this issue and often results in my being the one to lose elo and or karma as a result...

  • This happens frequently during my games, too. Super frustrating and yes it does result in me losing ELO when I am not the one on whose turn the game is 'stuck'. Admins - PLEASE- do something to fix this! It is happening more and more often.

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