Players playing together

  • Hi, Just played a game where the other two players helped each other( trades, robber), and when i say help, they trade 1 card for 4-5 cards so they can take 1st and 2nd place.
    I hope someone does something about this.
    Nick names : [edit by @administrators]. I also reported the in game.

  • administrators

    @RoKent if there is a report our colleagues from support will take action if needed.

  • @Administrator
    What kind of action you may take? It’s just a game, but you make it competitive with elo plus and elo minus and it’s not fair, doe# not work, only frustrating

  • administrators

    @Mpakaliaros Violations against our terms of use can ultimately cause accounts to permanently get banned from the platform. This includes the loss of all potential in App purchases as well.

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