Massively increased number of game crashes since few days

  • I have trouble with different game crashes since few days:

    1. When starting a new game, it hapens extremely often that I get the message, that the game was aborted, because all other human players left, or because me or another layer has a bad internet connection.
    2. In game, it happens quite often that I get the message that my internet connection is not working (it was always working btw), but the kicktimer didn't start running. Each time this happened, I could not continue the game. When I tried to reconnect, I got the message I was kicked out of my last game. When I instead stay ingame and wait, the game doesn't continue. If I try to write into the chat I get the message that the game ended. I have to end the game manually, and see my Elo dropping further...
    3. The same thing also happened without the message that my internet connection is not working (also without kicktimer). The game just doesn't continue, and when I try to write into the chat to ask what's going on I get again the message that the game ended. I have to end manually (or try to reconnect to read I was kicked) and lose even more Elo...
    4. As usual, it happens several times in a game that my kicktimer starts running, with the message that my internet connection is not working (it still is). Usually, I can either reconnect or the message disappears after few seconds. Sometimes the message that my internet connection is not working, disappears but the kicktimer keeps running. Sometimes this leads again to being kicked and lose elo, although I can continue playing and chatting until that point..

    I hope you manage to get rid of these problems. I already lost more than 100 Elo during the last days, mainly due to these bugs, which is quite frustrating and will likely make me stop playing this otherwise great game.


    1. Not really a game crash but a trading bug: Sometimes it happens that a NPC wants to trade with me. I ask for two instead of one ressource, the NPC accepts the trade but I still get only one ressource.

  • @Der-Leopard These last days the connection has been horrible. So many disrupted games... :angry: I know it is not my internet connection, that works fine. Read the posts in this forum. So many people suffer from the same problem. The CU-server :computer: :poop: is not fit :-1: for the job!

  • Especially the bug described as 2.: No connection appears without kicktimer continues bothering me. It seems to me that I`m immediately kicked when this happens. If I restart the game (immediately), I get the message I was kicked, and if I stay ingame, the game doesn't continue - the other players seem to have stopped playing....
    Still hoping for a fix :)

  • We are currently working on a major update for the net-code and an overhaul of the systems in place in regards to multiplayer. We are aiming to be able to deploy that update end of June/ early July.

  • Unfortunately, it became even worse, I guess with the last update . I can only finish about 50 % of the games, mostly because of the issues discribed as 2. and 3.
    Additionally to that, I got kicked with a message in one game, but without warning/kicktimer (not my move). I could still watch the game for some moves (until it would have been my move) and read/write in the chat...
    I hope your major update (hopefully fixing these issues) makes good progress. Without improvement it doesn't make sense to continue playing - at least for me.

  • @Administrator please post an announcement to say when the system is down for updates.

  • @Naughty-Nigel Actually, they already do. But most of the times players just assume the server is down, because the "No Connection" pops up all the time.

  • I'm glad to know this isn't just me. The reliability of the net port socket connection or session server (or SOMETHING) is complete garbage for this game. I get into some frozen state unable to even complete picking initial cities at least 50% of the time! WHAT'S THE POINT?! PLEEEEASE FIX IT!

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