Change basically everything back to how it was!

  • I'm not sure if this was prompted by the need to make the game playable across multiple platforms but basically every aspect of why people play board games on a device instead of in person was removed here.

    • Games now take forever, no one cares about animations and graphics. Having to change screens just to select a fake game piece is ridiculous. That's actually more complicated than a physical board.

    • Trading is significantly worse: not only is the trade screen overwhelming and annoying, but there aren't even any useful responses. Want to know if I don't have any of a resource.. too bad, want to send a counter trade offer?.. too bad. Only reject or accept just slows down the game further if someone will continually keep offering for a resource they think is out there but is not.

    • Chat is also worse. It somehow manages to both be in the way, and inaccessible at the same time. make it a window that scrolls so when someone talks we actually see it. Not only that but make the chat scroll automatically.. having to manually scroll to keep up with conversation passed 5 lines is ridiculous.

    The game options I would assume are simply not yet there due to this being an early release... but the gameplay is atrocious. as another person pointed out... "I find it hard to believe you guys tested this from the player's perspective and concluded it was 1) playable, and 2) an improvement."

  • More observations:

    • The game menu itself now takes about 10 minutes to load.. playCatan was up and into the games menu within a few seconds. This alone is a huge inconvenience, if I want to play a quick game of Catan it surely should not take 10 minutes just to be able to START SEARCHING for a game.

    • when previewing where a game piece goes why would you hover it above the position with some barely visible light shining on the spot.. just put the game piece where it would go on the board. If anything the current format only makes it more difficult to tell where I'm going to place a piece.

    • Make my own cards visible to me at all times.. if I play, say, a "year of plenty" card I apparently must have my hand memorized if I want to pick the correct 2 cards since as soon as I select the card I can no longer view my hand.

    An EXPLANATION OF WHY all these changes are being made might also help. It appears to be for no reason, which makes it even worse that the platform is being butchered.

  • I agree with everything said here. This has basically ruined playing Catan online which is very unfortunate. I would've been willing to pay a monthly fee to continue playing on the old format versus being forced off that for this one that is basically unplayable. That is if it was a money issue that forced this unneeded change.

    If there is an option to restart the old site for a small monthly fee I'm sure you'd have a large amount of players looking to sign up immediately!

  • still looking for a good game of catan online I dont have access to the old game so im out of luck

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