My ELO ranking dropped suddenly

  • Hi! My ELO is 1128 (For the base game).
    With this ELO I was a few days ago close to the top 1000 players. But since yesterday I'm only ranked +8000 without any reason I see, while other players with lower ELO have better ranking.
    Any idea why? @administrators
    Thanks a lot

  • administrators

    @Rdth Are you sure you looked at the correct leaderboard? I see two entries for your account. One for Seafarers (around the place 9100) and one for the base game (around the place 6100). Please also note, that players around your Elo score are super tightly packed on the leaderboard. e.g +20 Elo can mean 2000 ranks up.

  • @Administrator Yes I think I'm looking at the correct number. What I don't understand is that other players from my group have lower ELO and best ranking. And a few days ago I had similar ELO and a way better ranking. It seems not right

  • @administrators for example the player noeleboss has 992 ELO and is ranked 1770 while I have 1140 ELO and I'm ranked more than 6000. I don't get it

  • administrators

    @Rdth Sounds more like a display issue on your device. The numbers seem to get cut off. 1770XX is the rank of the player you mentioned. ;) It would be great if you could send us a screenshot and give us more info about the device you are using atm. Please send the screenshot to us via

  • @Administrator done! Let me know if you need anything else!

  • Running game with Chrome browser on a PC. The problem I see is that if someones ranking is more than 9999 the additional digit does not show. Only 4 digits display.

    Happens in any size window including full screen 1920x1080 resolution.

    Separate question about leader board; is there a way to search and display a group of people who are near a players Ranking or ELO?

  • Supposedly the last update was going to fix the display issue but instead things got worse. Now when I do a search for someone in the ELO list the display shows just 3 digits!

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