connect to server

  • How many days does not connect to servers. Is there a problem

  • administrators

    @smlylmz can you please tap on your avatar and choose the option log out. After that please log back in again. This will establish a new connection to our servers.

  • @Administrator These last days connections have been very shaky. Lots of disruptions. :boom: Not just for me, but other players as well. :unamused:

  • @Administrator this feature is not available during off line mode

  • @Administrator - that never settles it.....
    Tonight the game keeps resetting itself, then they tell me I am stalled, so I log off and try to log back on and the famous "Cannot reach server" happens.
    I try the recommended work-arounds and nada..... It is so frustrating that you cannot provide us with a stable platform to play on.....

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