Want to play with some of the best Catan players in the world? The competitive Catan group is recruiting!

  • Who are we?

    We are a group of that plays Settlers of Catan competitively. Most of us enter tournaments and are constantly improving as players. We have the 2014 World Champion, the 2014 US National Champion, tons of regional tournament champions (me!), and our favorite Catan YouTuber, Neonate.

    What do we do?

    Since we all live far apart, we play online. We schedule weekly custom games on Catan Universe and use Discord (voice calling/group chat platform) to simulate real-life gameplay. We also talk about in-game complex decisions, settlement placements, and more in the group chat under our strategy discussion chat.

    How do you join?

    We prefer players who have tournament experience and is above the 1200 elo range. If you are interested at all, let me know below.

  • @DylLighted you have pm

  • @DylLighted Hey there, I'd love to join. I haven't played much on the site but have been playing competitively for years. Looking to get some practice in for a national qualifier coming up. My discord is MikeIsMyIke#8619

  • Hi, do you guys also play Rivals for Catan?

  • Sent you a chat

  • Hi,
    I would be interested in playing against the best players in the world. I have played the Dutch championship and regularly play online and my ELO is 1230 at the moment. Please let me know how I could join. Thx!

  • Test test

  • @Andypwnsu

    I’m alive! Send me a pm if interested.

  • I privately responded to everyone who commented. If you are interested, say it below and I will send you a message.

  • Would love to join this! Thanks :-) I'm SpicyKate. My friend Seeds would like to join too.

  • @DylLighted I would love to join your group. If a remember correctly, my hero Chris Broderick won 2014 US Championship.

    But my resume is humble. Once second in national champonship. I competed in European championship: 1 WIN, 3 LOSES. Usually my ELO is over 1200; my maximum was about 1270. But I can not guarantee 1200 the limit: a couple of disconect combined or a serie of bad games can me put bellow. But I climbed from the whole once, and I believe I can do that again if needed.

  • I'm interested

    my handle is its.always.sunny.c

    I was in the 1200 elo range until today's bugs decimated my score/rank

  • @DylLighted until issues are fixed I would be a wothless addition. I just can not play until the enviroment is at least somewhat stable. System errors cost me around 150 ELO recently, so I think I am better player than my currect ELO indicates. If this site is stable againt I will try to rearen my ELO and reapeat my request.

  • Do Catan Universe online tournaments count? ;)

    I was stuck in disconnect purgatory for a very long time but 1.8.4 is stable to the point that I’d like to join your group. I did get my cool Seafarers Crown of the Sea so there’s that.

    Current Catan project is trying to go from good to great at C&K and basegame. Very tricky.

  • That’s nice... but how do you reach 1200 elo, when most of the games get stuck and you lose more than 50 elo a day?

  • The "official ranking" is a joke, really. The only way to actually assess a person is through an actual game... But since CU is constantly broken, some other platform should be used. Real life maybe? :D

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