Greater Catan C&K map bug when shifting numbers to outer islands

  • Playing single player against three AI, I had ample opportunity to move numbers from the main island to a dozen hexes. After I moved most of the numbers off of hexes next to my settlements/cities to the smaller islands, I was allowed to move other hexes not adjacent to my settlement/cities. As I placed 2 ships to reveal 2 hexes on a small island, I first placed a 6 on this island, and then I next placed an 8 next to the first hex.

    This violates what is stated in the rules for the map...."Token that meets the following 3 requirements: 1. The numbers 6 and 8 may not lie adjacent to each other on a smal island. 3. The Number......"

    I have a screen shot if that's needed. But this should be relatively easy to reproduce since the AI doesn't do a very good job of expanding using ships.

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    @ReeBee Thank you very much for the feedback. A screenshot is always helpful. It would be great if you could send it to My colleagues will take a look at it.

  • I sent the screenshots as requested. The person who responded made an incorrect assumption. They stated the 3 rules for how to determine what hexes might be switched from the main island to the outside islands.

    • On a small island, the numbers 6 and 8 must not be next to each other.
    • The number token must belong to a terrain hex adjacent to which the active player owns a settlement or city.
    • Each settlement or city on the main island must keep at least one terrain hex with a number token.

    Then they stated that if the 3 rules caused no hexes on the main island to be eligible for switching, then the first rule was ignored. However, this was NOT the case. While the second rule could not be satisfied, the third rule allowed at least eight hexes to be eligible. This allowed me to place a 6 on a hex next to another hex where I'd placed an 8 on my previous turn.

    I have invested enough time in trying to report this bug. Your colleagues need to take the time to play a four player Greater Catan game with all AI to reproduce this. The AI is not very good, so it's easy to control the situation and set this up so a 6 can be switched out next to an 8.

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    @ReeBee thank you very much for the feedback on that and your efforts in reporting the issue.

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