random isn't random. fix Catan Universe

  • the algorithm for 'randomness' is junk.
    either make it normalized or don't. this wishy washy crap of a somewhat normalized random curve is crap. just lost a game to a player because 4 & 5 rolled just as much as 6, 7's and 10's rolled the same, while 8 was through the roof. i would be fine if it was COMPLETELY random, but this is frustrating as hell.
    I bought and paid for the last Catan Online platform and now you suckered me in with Catan Universe, but Universe BLOWS. End of game stats are ridiculous. Who cares how many development cards were played or are left??? I know how many cities everyone built, I can LOOK at the MAP!! Longest road?? Largest army?? same thing, LOOK AT THE MAP. Before Universe the end of game stats were WAY more meaningful. The resource production of everyone? why isn't this tallied anymore???

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